New product design for Yope
My name is Wild

I had the opportunity to create and design packaging for a new line for #yope_soap cosmetics. At the beginning we had various animals,
but with brand owners Karolina Kuklinska & Paweł Kosowicz we decided to leave a cat. Golden cat is always a sure success.

Packaging design and visual ID new line design: Paweł Piotr Przybył (me)

Photo with models: Zuza Krajewska
Keeping the project in one piece: Joanna Pawelczak
3D compositions: Bartek Kalinowski&Rafał Woźniak ( Abra ) and Michał Kleniewski ( Conceptfab )

Additional projects: Joanna Dobkowska & Magda Dukielska 
Yope marketing: Andrzej Mytych & Anna Grzebien
Yope production: Elżbieta Czaja & Anna Tubyrcy
Copywriter: Zuza Wronska