Location: Warsaw Uprising Museum, Poland. Production 2013

Idea, Concept: Paweł Piotr Przybył, Maciej Cecotka, Rafał Kołaciński
Animations 3D: Paweł Piotr Przybył & Maciej Cecotka
Concept of Film Footage, DOP: Paweł Piotr Przybył & Maciej Cecotka
Live projecting: Paweł Piotr Przybył, Grzesiek Skroński
Production Supervisors: Jarosław Skrzyński, Anna Kiesielewska
Supervisors ( Museum Unit ): Maria Wasilewska, Justyna Rudkowska
Film Production: Kasia Żal
Music by: Lao CHe Band, album: "Powstanie Warszawskie"
Models: Ania & Franek
Technical Projection Unit: Pro4Media
Client: Warsaw Uprising Museum

We have created a mega projection for concert of Lao Che band in the beautiful place - Warsaw Uprising Museum. We prepared a special live projection mapping based on 12 different long animations. The whole animation took more than one hour. All was mixed live and synchronized to the beat of the music. The concept was based on idea of Uprising as a moment seen by the eyes of the new generation, without cliché an d well-known symbols. For the projection we used two projectors HDQ 2K40 Barco 40.000 ansilumen and one software: Resolume to playing animations live.

Important: This project was implemented by Loomo Sp.C. Paweł Przybył, Maciej Cecotka, Jarosław Skrzyński.